Disqualified on 4/5. What should i do?!?


My node has been disqualified. After the restart my system one of the disk didn’t mount and my node start writing data on /media/xxx but not on the right disk. After that I have merge the data in the right place but I am not sure there is correct.

What should i do?

I am disqualified on 4/5 nodes right now.

Hello @poncheck and welcome to the Storj Forum :slight_smile:

If the mount of your disk changed after a system restart, this suggests your disk wasn’t mounted statically by configuring fstab: This should be done in order to ensure the path to your disk always stays the same across reboots.

With regards to your current node, I’m afraid disqualification is definitive, so if it’s been disqualified on 4 sats’ out of 5, it might survive on the 5th if everything recovers from now, but depending on how old your node is and how much data is stored by this sat’, maybe you’d be better off starting a fresh new node.

You can choose to keep your current node if it does not get disqualified on the last sat’, and decide whether you reduce its allocated storage so you can start a new fresh node on the side, so it gets vetted an ready to take over your old one eventually.

If your current node ends up being completely disqualified, then it’s good for the trash… the only way to carry on storing data for the Storj network in this case is to start a new Node from scratch

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We will see :slight_smile:
I’m waiting for disqualification from 5/5 and then i will start a fresh node once again.

My node is working since April 2020 and got about 2TB.

You may want to have a look at this estimator:

According to previous months, you should be able to get your 2TB back in roughly 4 months.
This said, network activity has been quiet these days, so it may take longer… no one can really predict how bandwidth usage will look like in the future ^^

Don’t hesitate to start a fresh node now without waiting for your old node to fail (if it does), if you have 550GB of spare space somewhere. It does not harm to run 2 nodes behind the same IP. You just have to be careful not to mix up identities and port forwarding.

The audit percent on the last satellite is going up :slight_smile:

My second node i ready to start.