Disqualified on US-1

The disqualification usually happens only for these reasons:

  1. Pieces are not available for audit (any reason like read timeout, disk is unreadable/corrupted, permissions are wrong, disk is disconnected, etc.).
  2. Pieces are corrupted.
  3. Node was offline for more than 30 days.

So either pieces are lost (or unavailable) or corrupted.
In the first case you may have some errors in the logs but usually not for timeouts. For the second case there will be no audit errors (to do not give an idea to a malicious user to build a strategy how to bypass audits), all pieces for audits will be successfully downloaded (and this is true), but the satellite doesn’t report the audit result to the node, only in the order with reputation scores.
However, if the node is disqualified before it updated with a new stat, it wouldn’t likely receive any updates from that satellite anymore.
I suspect that your node is in the list of nodes with weirdly corrupted pieces like there: Проблема: Your node has been disqualified, но audit score 96% - #10 by vladro
I could only suggest to try to use this tool to check pieces on the node:

It doesn’t requalify your node, but at least you can make sure that you do not have (or have) corrupted pieces.

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