Disqualified Troubleshooting?

Hi there, looks like my node got DQd on asia-east-1.tardigrade.io:7777. Others are showing fine. Not sure when this happened as I haven’t historically paid much attention to the dashboard. Any way to troubleshoot?
Node ID: 1Bp8Uen3s5KKbBKni3aVRwxzTaDm6UMxueZdyd7TkK2FdL1ANi

Disqualification can currently only happen if your node has lost (access to) files. Look in your log for audit errors and there should be more information. It’s usually a file does not exist error.

The file could either be missing or not accessible to the node due to for example file permissions or an HDD being unmounted or mounted under a different path. The exact cause can vary, but it’s always related to the node not having access to the data.

That could have happened a long time ago as I haven’t paid attention to the dashboard, so, maybe one of the admins can give me a reset or something for that sattelite?

Disqualification can’t be reversed unfortunately. You either have to do without this satellite or start a new node, with a new identity and token.

Hi BrightSilence,

I have lost array with my NODE data so some rebuilding has been necessary and former data are gone.

Should I create new identity or how to “refresh” my storage to be proper node?
Or I need to just delete all data (blobs etc…) and should be fine?

Thank you


If the data is gone, you have to start over. You’re already disqualified on 3 out of 5 satellites and the others will follow soon.

Starting over means:

  • Removing the old data if there still is any
  • Requesting a new token
  • Creating a new identity

You can use the same email address and wallet address though, but everything else needs to start fresh.

OK thanks for the reply that is what I need to know.

Got scared when I saw this message from @LordWigo on my thread. My node appears quite healthy (have taken in over 100GB in the past two days). Good luck on yours!

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