Do somebody know an Exchange with zkSync?

Is there an exchange where I can directly payout my Storj with zkSync?

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took a glance at it, don’t think they have a token yet…
which seems weird, ofc they are only a layer 2 scaling solution, so i guess everything is basically in ETH / Storj …

I am not sure. Numio is claiming to support STORJ but I haven’t tested how far that support goes.


Ok will test. Due to Gas fee is so high eats up profit

Maybe better just ask their community befor you risk any money.

@littleskunk I installed it. And it seemed Storj is supported.
Is it possible that you send mit 0.1 Storj? Will send it back to you. When L2 works it shall cost nothing.


Why should I send any amount of Storj to you if I can send it to myself? Up next why should I send 0.1 Storj to myself if I have a small test node that will get such a low amount as payout. The cheapest way for me to test it is to set my Numio wallet as my payout address on my smallest node. In a few days we will see if it works.



You are able to use the Numio app to receive your STORJ payouts. You can choose to receive them either on L1 or L2.

We are currently working on bringing liquidity onto L2 for swapping so you can cashout STORJ much easier.

As a little bonus, people who use the Numio app are actually helping to support the Storj DCS :slight_smile: . Every user who is onboarded onto the app has their profile data (image, and soon other info) stored on Storj’s network!

p.s. if you weren’t aware, I’m one of the team members over at Numio :wink:


Can you explain that part a bit more. How does it work? Can I get ETH in return? Is that ETH still L2 or can I swap L2 STORJ directly into L1 ETH. How much fee does this service cost?


Thats cool

I want to test. How to get Storj L2 Token ?

I mean to me. I just want to test the Numio app.

It’s on mainnet as far as I understand. So test tokens would not help (they are on Rinkeby test network)

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We will be launching with L2 trading on the app. It will be a permissioned listing process with market makers, so only a few assets will supported right away.

It’s different from AMMs (Uniswap/Sushiswap) as zkSync doesn’t natively support gen purpose smart contracts just yet. This will be using RFQ (request for quote) trading through the Paraswap APIs.

For you to swap STORJ for ETH, or vice versa, a market maker would need to provide liquidity for STORJ & ETH/stablecoins on L2. This is an example of what those fees would look like on L2: Explore zkSync L2 Blockchain | zkSync Block Explorer v.1.0.4. This is a test tx of swapping ETH & USDT.

To make that possible, it would need to be either Numio, Storj Labs, or a 3rd party MM providing that liquidity in an account for people to trade from.

You can use L1 STORJ tokens and move them onto your L2 in the wallet. They are the same tokens :slight_smile:

There is a button on the dashboard in the middle of the two wallets (the two arrows point back & forth) which allows you to conduct internal transfers between the two wallets. You can then move your STORJ from your L1 wallet, or any imported L1 wallet, to your L2 wallet.

We do not support test network tokens if that’s what you were referring to. We are a mainnet/production wallet. Sorry for the miscommunication :sweat_smile:

@jensamberg It worked but the user experience is a bit strange. @ansteadm maybe you can take the following feedback and might be able to improve it.

I installed the app. By default, is shows ETH and a few others. Ok, I guess I need to tell it to show me STORJ as well like in other wallets. Look there is a “view all” button. Search for STORJ and add it.

Issue 1:
Payout arrived but the dashboard still shows 0. Why that? Because “view all” is lying to you. It has 3 tabs. All, Layer 1 and Layer 2. If you select the “all” tab and enable STORJ tokens that don’t affect Layer 1 and Layer 2. It is only for Layer 1 and that was the reason it still showed 0 on my dashboard. After opting in STORJ on the Layer 2 tab the balance showed up on my dashboard.

Issue 2:
I can see the STORJ balance on the dashboard but the transaction history is not showing it. Looks like the transaction history only shows ETH transactions? Please fix that. I want to see my STORJ transactions like on zkscan.

Issue 3:
The transfer form has a bug as well. I am unable to pay the fee but the destination amount is positive. I am not sure if the form is calculating the destination amount wrong all the time or if this is because a negative result is unexpected. In any case, the result is unexpected.

Issue 4:
The Withdraw form is also confusing. It shows me 2 big boxes with my Layer 2 and my Layer 1 wallet. In both boxes a warning that no wallet was selected. First impression: I have only 1 wallet of every kind. Why can’t it pre-select that one? Anyway, let’s get rid of these warnings by selecting my wallet. Big mistake. It is a trap. You can select only one of them and the other one will always show you a warning. It took me 4 attempts to realize that there is a destination address below. I thought I have to select my layer 2 wallet and it would allow me to withdraw to my layer 1 address. Yea doesn’t make sense. Ofc I need to enter my destination address somewhere. The issue here are the 2 eyecatcher boxes with 2 warning in them. I tried to get rid of the warning before looking further down on the page. A simple layout change should fix it similar to some of the other pages where I have one drop-down that allows me to select my layer 1 or layer 2 wallet. That would be self-explaining. These 2 big boxes managed to confue me.

@ansteadm by now you should notice what my passion is :smiley: I like the wallet app. It is easy to use. I am sure you can fix a few of these issues and that will make the app even better.


Last but not least. It looks like the app has a build in buy option (no STORJ listed) but not a sell option. @jensamberg so negative on your inital question.

Sad. Gas fees a a joke. London fork is a joke. Ethereum is a joke.
Storj is so a good project. Running on a bad chain. zkSync does not solve the problem

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One thing is strange. On the website the screenshots show a trading option. Maybe I have to finish some kind of KYC first to see it. I would call that a bug because my expectation would be to see this option and when I click on it it might show me an error message with the requited steps to enable it.

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Trading is mentioned as being in development on the site. I don’t think it’s live yet.


Trading is not live yet inside of the app- that’s why. We’ll be announcing that to be live soon though! You’ll have to stay tuned on our socials :smiley:

No KYC will be needed to use the crypto aspects of the wallet. KYC is always, and always will be optional. We do not store any of that data either, it’s done using AI, and only a hash is stored on the server saying that you have been verified

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Yup, that’s correct. It will be live on L1 first, and L2 most likely later this month.