Do sqllite DB dump at least 1 time per day

Is SQLLite db is dumped ? For which condition ? When ?

Please if not can you implement dumps in order to rollback the db if needed ?

Maybe do a script also to remove pieces that are not in the db after rollback ?

I speak here about hardware crash situations and db corruption improvement. See ya

Will be solved with

Not entirely, unfortunately. :frowning: The piece info will be out, but there will still be important information such as orders, serials, and bandwidth records in the SQLite db.

Taking daily dumps is a reasonable thing to do, even once we have something more robust in place.

Lets say it that way. At that point I can delete the SQLite db file.
I will lose unsubmitted orders for one hour. With the DB dump I would lose them as well. Not a big deal.
The use bandwith will be reset. I don’t care. I don’t have a bandwidth cap. Even if I would have a cap I could just update my config file to reflect the remaining bandwith for this month.

The problem at the moment is that a corrupted SQLite file means you will get disqualified. Your PR solves that issue.

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What do you mean by PR?

Pull Request from the Do sqllite DB dump at least 1 time per day

Do u have any Idea when dump will be implemented ?

I don’t think it would be implemented, if we would move from the sqlite