Docker Desktop Windows - Update to a newer version?


I’ve been running Storji for about 10 months now and when I had set it up I used the Docker version that was recommend in the Storj white paper. Im Running version and every once in a while it pops up asking if i want to update, I think to version 4+.
Should I do it? Things are working just fine right now and I only use docker for Storj … you know if it isn’t broken don’t fix it… Has anyone updated, does the Storj node autoboot after, or do I do a shutdown storj then update the docker then boot the storj node. Kinda feeling like im answering my own question by not touching it…

Thanks in advance,

I’m running my Windows docker nodes using the latest version of Docker desktop, which working with wsl2.
It works stable (I have two nodes).
So, if you can enable WSL2 on your Windows, you can upgrade it to the latest version.

The only suggestion is to setup a Windows Scheduler to run the Docker desktop binary at start of the computer without requirement to login into UI.

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