Docker: how to specify file storage path different from database path

Either approach will have the same effect. The node uses the storage location to determine how much space is available. So if that’s the local HDD it won’t work.

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Yes, indeed. I actually tried both the symlinks and additional mounts, and in both attempts got the same message. Sorry, I should have made it clear in the original post.

Is there any problem putting the database files on a separate hard disk? I have a small spare SSD and was think it might take a bit of strain off the old spindle system and may even run a bit faster/smoother.

in windows i use this in config, all work charming and faster
Storage2.Database-Dir: F:\Storj8

One problem is, that you double the point of failure. If one of the two disks fails, your node fails.

yes thats true, but it will make less smal writes to hdd, and teoreticaly make hdd last longer.
Also make inpact on responce time, so let win rases beter, it always delema between stability and income.

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The databases could be backed up and restored if that HD fails.

I can’t see that parameter in the my config.yaml file so assume you got it from somewhere else?

yes, here from forum.