Docker is Restarting

i can’t start the docker it has continuously restarting any help

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Please, give me the last 10 lines from your logs: How do I check my logs? - Node Operator

Docker itself or the container with the storjnode?

Guys, thanks for the replay u have found the error
The error is storage requirements is not meet

It is possible to run 2 gb space in computer

You need to have at least 550GB of free space (500GB is a minimum meaningful size and +10% overhead on any case).

Please note - the space and bandwidth are used by real people, not machines, thus no predictable income. So, it makes no sense to run a dedicated hardware with such small amount of free space, unless it would be online anyway.

Please, use this Realistic earnings estimator to have an idea how long it may take to fill up the free space and how much you may earn.

Yes, just stop and remove the container,

docker stop -t 300 storagenode
docker rm storagenode

and run it back with all your parameters include changes ones (-e STORAGE in your case). Do not allocate more than 90% of free space for safety.

Yes i have done with giving -e storage 2GB but it kept restarting so i thought it is storage requirement error can u tell the procedure to override the restarting the error and run the docker safely

Do you really mean two Gigabytes? This is just waste of time and resources.
It’s possible to run, but why? You will earn nothing for several dozens years.

Ohh hahah okay dude thank you i just tried it work or not anyway for quick response thanks to storj team

You can join the public test network with such amount of space.
You need to disable storage monitor either in the config.yaml by parameter

storage2.monitor.minimum-disk-space: 0B

or in the docker run command by specifying option --storage2.monitor.minimum-disk-space=0B after the docker image name, i.e.

docker run ... storjlabs/storagenode --storage2.monitor.minimum-disk-space=0B

I love this project so much such a wonderful stages of storage nodes with up and downlink of satellites if storj hire kindly let me know i will apply to contribute to project

you can find our job openings at Careers | Storj DCS