Docker restart with reduced size limit?

What would happen, if i restart the Storj docker with a reduced size limit?
For example because of an input error (6 instead of former 9 TB) although the node has already accumulated 9 TB of data?

Is this the end of a node? Instant disqualification?


You will not receive new data and you would have to wait for current data to be deleted to get new data.

You will not be disqualified because your node will initially keep all the data it had before you lowered the size limit. If it had 9TB and you lower it to 6, you will still have 9TB of data on your drive and your dashboard will say that you have negative 3TB of remaining disk space. In that case, you would need to wait for customers or the test server to delete 3TB of data from your node before the amount of data on your node matches your new limit. This could take a while. Nobody knows if or when a customer will delete data.


You would still be paid for 9TB until it’s deleted though correct?

Of course, you’re paid for what is stored, not for how much is assigned. That works both ways.

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does this mean i can set it to zero and do a “graceful exit” / “waiting until all data has left” and not get paid my held amount… :smiley:

and if so shouldn’t that count as a graceful exit…

Wait until everyone ever has deleted their data from your node?

Even going from 9TB to 6TB will likely take a long time. Who knows might be years.

If you want to gracefully exit, just do a graceful exit.

Also, you would still have to adhere to the 500GB minimum.

i suppose… after thinking a bit more about it, there also seems to be exactly zero benefit to actually attempting to do that… also more of a thought experiment… because if it’s possible somebody will eventually do that, and then they should get their held amount back… ofc maybe if one sets the storagenode capacity to 0 it might just go down to 500 as a minimum…

If you set it to 0, it won’t start.

But even if it would and it would eventually get rid of all data. You could trigger GE and instantly be done. No need to implement anything special.