Documentation sites for storj and tardigrade appear to be down!

Both and seem to be down.

@jocelyn: Was this planned downtime? In case not, perhaps you can inform the right person to fix it.

hi i dont kow what happened there - it was 3:30 am local time for me, so im just seeing thi s post now :slight_smile:

Hi there, I think there was some issue on the gitbook side. The issue seems to be fixed now. Could you try again and let me if you are still experiencing issues?


Looks all good now. Looks like gitbook indeed had issues.

Monitoring - From 7:00AM UTC, until 3:30PM UTC, GitBook and all its services encountered a downtime because of our domain registrar blocking all our production domains (including
The servers and data integrity was not affected, but none of our customers were able to access their content, nor reach our servers.

@jocelyn right, forgot about the time zones :wink: sorry about that.

I keep weird hours sometimes though. Post whenever you want!