Does a new node affect existing nodes in the same network?

I meant to ask this for a very long time. Let’s say I have one fully vetted and one un-vetted node in the same network. Will the satellite select my subnet as usual and then the new node gets 5% of the traffic or does the satellite select my network 5% as it would normally?

If the latter, then my vetted node would suffer from an new node in the same network.

I may be wrong, by my understanding is that the vetted node carries on as usual and only the new, unvetted one gets the 5% of traffic penalty. Although they’re on the same /24 network, they’ll have different node IDs so the satellites will be able to distinguish between the both.

But how will that work? The satellite selects 130(?) subnets and then randomly selects the node from available nodes in that subnet. If the node is unvetted, it removes it in 95% of cases. That means the customer will send less than 130 pieces to nodes. In theory that number could then fall below the required 80 pieces for the upload to be successful.

The satellite selects a number of vetted nodes and a number of unvetted nodes for each upload. Those selections happen in the same way, just with that condition flipped. I don’t have the exact numbers, but lets say 104 vetted nodes and 6 unvetted nodes. If there happens to be an overlap in subnets between those two, the overlap is removed.

The method of selecting those nodes is the same.

  1. Select x amount of subnets that have (un)vetted nodes in them
  2. Select a random node within that subnet

The code has recently gotten quite a bit more complicated, but I’m fairly sure that this is roughly how it works.


Taking this a step further. When selecting a random node within a subnet… Is it known to not select a full node?

I’m curious if you have say 4x2TB drives, and they are in a LVM you would have a single 8TB node that gets 100% of that subnet’s traffic. However, if you have 4 nodes and 3 of them are full, would the 4th node get 100% of the subnet’s traffic or would it randomly get 25% of the traffic and the other 3 reject?

Satellites use a few filters in node selection. Nodes that are full, disqualified, suspended or offline are not taking part. So the remaining nodes would get 100% of the traffic. You won’t be missing out.