Does an intel atom 1 core 1.8 Ghz 2Gb Ram is enough to run a node?

Hi all, I have this old notebook of 32 bits, and I have a HDD of 2 tb, this notebook is good and it could be 24/7, so this laptop could run a node?

I’m afraid not: Storj, like so many projects have left the many owners of 32-bit PCs behind. Only 64-bit programs are available for download.

It’s a bit sad, really, as Storj and Burstcoin are both advertising themselves as “re-use your old HDs and PCs”. Storj tell us to not buy hardware to use only for this.

Having said that, if you can get your hands on a cheap 64-bit SBC…

I don’t know whether the Storjnode will compile on a 32-bit OS.

Which operating system does it have ?

A good read :arrow_down:

For ARM there’s also a 32 bit image available. I’m running Storj node on a 32-bit ARM board without any problem.


I stand corrected. Could not find any on Github and in any case, he has an X86 CPU.

I can second this. I also run some RasPi3’s 32bit (BTW Raspberian OS just came up with 64bit version too)

How does any of this apply to the original question? He has neither a new PC, nor an ARM CPU. 32-bit is available for ARM, but not for X86, unless it was added in the last two weeks since I looked.

So, @xndpxs: welcome to the forum. You may be able to compile a 32-bit program from the available sources yourself, but you can’t download one ready to run. If you don’t have another use for your drive you can buy a cheap RaspberryPi and run Storj on that. This has the added advantage of using a lot less power.

Are you sure that it has a 32bit CPU? That must be 10+ years old then. I assume there is a 32bit Windows installed on that machine, but it actually features a 64bit processor.

Could you please provide the name of the processor?

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can you share your experiences with the new raspi os in the raspberrypi thread?