Dozens of files disappeared from my free account

During the past few months, I’ve been testing the possibility of using Storj as my main S3.
As of right now, I am still on a free account.

Over the last few months, I uploaded 30000 small files (this is my use-case, billions of small files), and today I discovered dozens have been deleted…

I thought Storj was 11 nines, it turns out that the numbers are much lower and the reliability of Storj is very low. Does this only happen to me because I have a free account? In any case, if it’s because of that, then it’s not a good idea, since I’m testing the product before paying to use it, and the impression I get is that it’s too low quality to use in production…

free account has limitation for 10000 segments, and Storj started to eforce this.
Previously you should receive an email about it and you have time about 1-2 weeks.
you need to add valid payment method.


Segment Limit / Free Tier / Billing - Product Discussions - Storj Community Forum (official)

here is about same problem.

@Alexey Affordable Object Storage | Storj DCS here you have not a word about 10000 segments on free tier, it would be good to add it, can you pass this to the team?


Good day, @usertest. Are you using the same encryption passphrase for all of your objects? You can have multiple encryption passphrases per bucket or even path so if you used different ones while uploading your data then you won’t see all of your data unless you use the same passphrases as before.

We guarantee 11 9’s of durability, so you should not be missing any files you previously uploaded.

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Hey @Vadim, our documentation site has all of the details for the free tier on Storj DCS. Free Plan - Storj DCS Docs

We have a very generous free tier when compared to other cloud providers and do our best to make our pricing and terms as clear and concise as possible. We will look at ways to continue to improve.

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I am not agree with you, if you go this link Affordable Object Storage | Storj DCS and there is no info about it. then you push free, and there is terms of use and also there is no info. May be if i start to dig in documentation then yes, but this is last thing what people usually do.
It shold be writen on pricing page and in Terms of Use


100% I used the same encryption passphrase, those file successfully uploaded (I used them for some time) and got deleted, and this isn’t a single file, there is dozens that have been deleted

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In my free account I used ~110GB storage and ~100Gb BW

Hey, @usertest we will investigate and get back to you asap.

Hey, @Vadim thank you for the feedback; we will look into ways to make it more clear.


How are you going to investigate it? my account is under a different user (I didn’t succeed to join the forum with the same credentials and account from some reason)

Hey @usertest, I will message you privately.

@usertest Please sign up for a help desk account with the same email that your account is registered under and file a support ticket so that we can better follow up on this issue.

The issue is not your storage or bandwidth usage, but the excess segments you uploaded that are not covered by the free tier allowance.

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Either way, those files were there (I used them for sure) and got deleted out of nowhere. This is unacceptable and does not reflect the 11’s 9’s at all.
If files just disappeared, how can I trust you as my main S3? Why not give me a month to set up payment before deleting files, for example?
What is the point of deleting them randomly? I spent all day understanding the root cause of the problem is that you decide to delete dozens files randomly, this is very unprofessional

I thought the recourse for this was setting account limits to 0. Do files actually get removed?

As explained in other threads, the affected accounts will have limits set to zero, and the user then gets an email warning that they need to add a payment method, they will have to contact us to ask for the account to get reinstated after they have added their payment method. If they do not want to add a payment method, they will need to delete files until their total number of segments is no more than 10,000 and then they can ask for the account to get reinstated. Reinstatement is NOT automatic. If the user takes no action after having gotten warned again, the account may get deleted completely.

So answer to your question is, data only gets deleted either by the customer themselves or at the time the entire account gets deleted. If this user still has access to their account, then the data is not deleted, it is just not accessible (cannot be downloaded) because limits were set to zero. The customer needs to file a support ticket to help us troubleshoot what exactly is the issue why they cannot see their data now.


I can confirm this I got the email for my account but zero files were deleted I deleted the files myself. But it was a warning after 7 days my account will be suspended. I dont remember seeing about anything about segments size.

The only warning I got was this when I logged in.
So I assumed it was about segment, at first I thought it was because I havent logged in while.

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The warning email may not have included details about the segment limit as there are also cases where people have invalid payment methods that may be the cause of them having unpaid bills. We need to analyze case by case what is the cause when the affected user files a support ticket.