Duplicate node id

hi , i have storage nodes running at ~ 20 different location with its own IP/hardware.
On each one i tried to follow guide & create/auth identity one by one, then use docker to start the storage node. (i’m using different auth key received from separate emails)

however on dashboard, i’m always seeing the same node id. What could be wrong? is there a way to check node id before launching docker?

Sounds like your using the same identity for all of the nodes. You have to do the same as the first identity to the new you have to create an identity and authorize it. If your doing this all on the same computer you need to make sure to create a node with a new identity each time or delete the identity on the computer before you run it.

I did the following on one of my node to reset:

  1. docker rm -f storagenode
  2. identity create storagenode
  3. request a new one-time auth token
  4. identity auth
  5. docker run storjlabs/storagenode:latest (with params)

expected to see a new node id on dashboard, but still seeing the old node id
what is the correct way to delete the identity before creating a new one?

You should either remove the previous identity from the default location (take a look on https://documentation.storj.io/dependencies/identity#backup-the-identity where is it located depending on your OS) or use a new name for the storagenode, i.e.

identity create storagenode2
identity authorize storagenode2 authtoken2
identity create storagenode3
identity authorize storagenode3 authtoken3

and so on.
The identity create command will create a folder with such name (storagenode2, storagenode3, …), so you can then transfer them separately.

Also, if you use the same external address (or the same public IP) or if you actually runs them on the same PC, you must use a different external ports for the dashboard, i.e. -p 14003:14002, -p 14004:14002 and so on). But I wouldn’t recommend to publish your dashboard to the internet without protection. It’s much better to use the ssh tunnels instead: https://documentation.storj.io/resources/faq/how-to-remote-access-the-web-dashboard