E-mails from storj

Hello, looks like i don’t receiving any e-mails from storj anymore. My node was offline for about 12 hours, and i haven’t received notification about that. While some time ago notifications come quite fast if the node goes off. As well i see that the last infomational e-mail i’ve got from storj is at the end of may. Wasn’t there any newsletters from that time?

There isn’t an email for being offline, only suspension and being disqualified.

well there was:

Your Node is Down on the US Satellite

**Node ID(s): offline: 1Tgw…

There seems to be a problem with your Node on the US Satellite, it’s currently showing as offline. Your node may be offline for a number of reasons. Please go to your Node Dashboard to check the status, and take the appropriate action to get back online. As always, thanks so much for being a part of the Storj network and working towards building a decentralized future.

Yeah they disabled it a while ago because of all the complaints, they will enable it when you node can get disqualified for uptime.

Anyway, i’ve seen a post few days ago (can’t find in now), about some “beta testing” or something like that. Somebody was talking about the e-mail they’ve got from Storj. As my last e-mail from Storj, i’m wondering why i haven’t received it?

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I believe it was randomly selected with people with more then one node using the same email.

You have been here for awhile though and there has been plenty of talk about uptime and you should use uptimerobot.com if your concerned about it.

Thank you.
My question was not about uptime checks/notifications.
But i just wonder why i haven’t received any newsletter or other e-mail from storj since May.

Maybe you opt out of emails?

Well on old DQ nodes - yes. but on couple new, no. that’s why interesting :slight_smile:

By the way what is the way to OPT IN ? :smiley:

On the storj.io website, scroll down all the way to bottom and you will see “Stay In Touch”. You can put your email in there and click subscribe :slight_smile: