Earnings calculator (Update 2020-09-15: v9.4.0 - Uptime is back! Now compatible with v1.12+ and more verbose warnings)

The docker container for v1.12.3 is available at storjlabs/storagenode:6f6b9b10-v1.12.3-go1.14.7

Looking forward to the update!


This issue has now been fixed with todays release. I apologize for the inconvenience and the delay for those who got this node update earlier than I did. It sucks to have to wait for a fix. But to make up for it I implemented some new goodies. We now have uptime as recorded by the satellites with the new uptime tracking system. With more verbose warnings for different scenarios that may cause issues. I’ve also reshuffled the layout a little bit to make sure the longer status line doesn’t get in the way of the important stuff.

Please note that the warning for stefan-benten is likely because that satellite wasn’t updated and doesn’t report back uptime as it’s about to be phased out. You can safely ignore this for now. That’s the downside of reporting stats that haven’t been officially exposed to end users yet. :slight_smile:

Here’s a few examples of the more detailed warning messages.

Enjoy the new version!


v9.4.0 - Uptime is back

  • Fix for changes to databases with node release v1.12
  • Uptime scores are now included
  • Status display for uptime suspension and under review
  • More verbose warnings display what should be looked at
  • Layout changes for readability

Please note, there is currently a bug that prevents the uptime to be updated in the first 30 days. This is on the storagenode end. So I don’t expect this will show correct information in the first month.

Additionally this new update requires node version v1.12 or later. The database changes made to the node were not backwards compatible.


Big THANK YOU for the update!


Node Version: v1.12.3
script version = “9.4.0”

python earnings.py
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “earnings.py”, line 229, in
con.execute(‘ATTACH DATABASE ? AS su;’,tSU)
sqlite3.OperationalError: attempt to write a readonly database

After stop,rm,start node script working, 2 hours and error.
If script run as SU working :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I wouldn’t expect that error to begin with, as the script only reads from the databases. I just tried making them read only and the script ran fine for me.

Nice update. Good addition with the uptime scores. Also good to see that it’s showing to be expected results for the current month on Stefan-Benten satellite. Looks like it’s not communicating with the nodes anymore as my uptime is showing 0%

I see this on 2 of 3 nodes I have. All the other satellites are 100%…?

Status: WARNING: Uptime low >Audit[0.0% DQ|0.0% Susp] >Up[0.0%]

This was included in the update post.

OH - thanks @BrightSilence - I missed that. :grimacing: