Earnings calculator (Update 2021-04-15: v10.1.2 - Detailed payout information: Now includes comparison to actual payout, postponed payouts due to threshold and transaction links!)

I appreciate the feedback, but I would say it’s pretty natural to assume that when it gives you an evaluation, clearly the vetting is done.

Vetting literally means it’s working on determining whether your node is in good shape, so if it tells you it’s determination that process is obviously done.

wasn’t obvious to me since i actually changed the code of earnings.py before i figured it out… and sure in hindsight it makes perfect sense like i suggested above…

but that does assume prior knowledge.

i don’t understand what you mean by this, i mean i understand… but what are you talking about the status OK

because the problem was the the warnings removed the OK as shown in the screenshots above.

i don’t agree that it’s clearly obvious, without prior knowledge when it looks like this.

i wasn’t expecting my node to be done vetting yet on any satellites, maybe thats what got me and i will agree it’s very much an edge case… in many cases it would be fine because one will be able to see, unvetted nodes with errors.

so i guess this particular case is very rare… but still

i will however say, i can see how it’s difficult to make a better solution… no matter how i want to fix it i find issues with how its written…

can’t add the % in front of the warning because thats confusing. can’t/ don’t want to keep the % vetted because it takes up space.

think i would just do a minimal change and add the 100% vetted at the end of the warnings like it does when it’s not vetted… seems to be room enough for it and don’t think it will look to confusing.

and shouldn’t in any way be able to be confused with anything else, and it would be minimal code change basically just copy pasting already existing code.

I’m talking about any status that isn’t “I’m still figuring it out” (vetting). Giving any other status obviously means that it has been figured out.

Obviously the status is not ok if there are warnings.

Vetting = I’m trying to figure out how your node is doing.
Any other status = I’ve figured it out and here’s what I found.

I guess I’m missing where the confusion is. It’s literally implied to work this way by the word ‘vetting’.

Hello everyone I am unable to run this script on my debian box , I have a RAID 5 under mnt/md0/storage where all data from Storj reside but when I copy earnings.py inside that folder or inside the storage folder under /mnt/md0/storage and run it i get this message “storage]# sudo python earnings.py
Cannot establish connection to the host.”
What am I doing wrong can anyone help me ?

You need to specify the location of storage folder in command line as it stay in top of the post

I`am using like this : sudo python earnings.py /mnt/storj/hdd1/storage
If you run it with sudo I dont see a reason why it not working.With sudo it have the needed privileges to read that files

Small update to change to the new satellite names in the dashboard. I’m not sure if europe-north-1 and saltlake will change later as well. So another small update may follow if that happens.


v10.1.2 - New storj.io satellite names

  • Updated to use the new satellite names
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