Earnings calculator (Update 2021-06-11: v10.2.1 - Detailed payout information: Now includes comparison to actual payout, postponed payouts due to threshold and transaction links!)

The script still assumes constant ingress patterns, but unfortunately ingress has dropped quite a bit since June. So I think it’s doing exactly what it’s supposed to do. Thanks for reporting back though, this confirms my calculations are actually matching real world behavior (when corrected for changes in ingress). If only I had a crystal ball I would correct for future ingress patterns too. :wink: But for now this will have to do.

I think the topic you referring to is the one I also linked in the changelog post: Intro to the Web Dashboard - #6 by BrightSilence

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Hey There :slight_smile:
I am also like 4 Month old. And thats my status. I am also still behind your predictions :wink:

Well the same response applies. Though I’m curious what predictions you are referring to as I only made some predictions in the linked topic about @o1eal’s node specifically. But yeah, ingress has slowed down, that’s always going to lead to slower vetting. Nothing I can do about that.

Ok, maybe predictions wasn’t the wrong word. I was reffering to:

You created a great tools!

@padso Interesting (maybe not surprising, but interesting) to see how similar our numbers are. Considering you do indeed have a head start on me, your total amount from each satellite is slightly higher. And our vetting status is the same, except you have been fully vetted by eu1, and I have not…though I have the most audits completed on that of the three remaining satellites (84).

@o1eal i startet on 10-04-21