Earnings calculator (Update 2022-01-13: v11.0.0 - Detailed earnings info and health status of your node, including vetting progress)

The node that survived deletion seems to be earning $7 a TB currently so there sure is variation.

@hoarder how to see on BlockChain?

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Small update today to add the QA satellite. For more info on this satellite, check : Please join our public test network


v10.3.0 - QA satellite added

  • QA satellite added

I wanted to publish this one last month, but there was a little confusion whether the bonus would be included in any of the node tables. That doesn’t seem to be the case, so unfortunately the calculator currently relies on a hard coded 10% bonus for payouts through zkSync starting October 2021. As always, latest version available at the github linked in the top post!

Here’s a sample of what that looks like (per satellite and totals):

Note: This system needs the receipt link to be available in the node databases in order to determine zkSync was used for payout, which at the moment requires a node restart for some reason (transaction link on the node dashboard is not available until restart). If it isn’t visible try restarting your node.


v10.4.0 - Add zkSync bonus

  • zkSync bonus has been added for nodes using zkSync for payouts for October 2021 and later

With the new stefan-benten test satellite, I wanted to make a small change to include its name in the script so it won’t show up as unknown. Turns out, satellite addresses can now be pulled from satellites.db. So, I went down the rabbit hole to pull the names from there, found out they were going to be too long for my layout and decided to redesign the whole payouts table. Functionality wise it’s not the biggest update, but it required quite some rewriting of the code to make it all look a lot better readable. I hope you like it. Let me know what you think!


v11.0.0 - Redesign + dynamic satellite names

  • Pull satellite name from database
  • Redesign payouts table
  • Note: Satellites.db is now required to run the script