Earnings calculator (Update 2022-01-13: v11.0.0 - Detailed earnings info and health status of your node, including vetting progress)

You should have specified it in your “docker run” command.

Cant find them if i look into these folders.

–mount type=bind,source=/home/pi/.local/share/storj/identity/storagenode,destination=/app/identity --mount type=bind,source=/mnt/storagenode,destination=/app/config

or they maybe hide?

Might be easier to change the “underline” formatting code to something like:
Simple horizontal bar ― (unicode U+2015)
or an Overline ‾ (unicode U-203E)

Or you could try using a “.join” command instead of doing it directy in the string.

Python does not actually “underline” the text in question it sends the “underline this bit of text” command to what ever is going to display it (i.e. powershell or bash terminal) and let them deal with it, some are better than others in understanding these codes.


It should be there. That folder should also be rather big - all data from your node is stored there.

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Correct, the db’s are in a subfolder, but the script will find them there if you point to this exact path. Make sure the storage is actually correctly mounted. (though if it’s not you have bigger problems than the calculator not working)

I am new to this script things, but i can’t run the command. I am running storagenode on my windows under GUI installation. My data for the storj is on the desktop folder. Please specify the commands to view the earnings.
If i specify the path to the data folder, it says that there is not any earnings.py file.

You have to run the script from the location where you put the earnings.py file. Since the path to your data would include your username and some language dependent folders I can’t give you the exact command.

Please note: DO NOT run this script on live databases if you’re using Docker on Windows or MacOS. It may corrupt your database if you do.

You can cd to the location of the downloaded file first.

cd C:\Users\yourusername\Downloads
python earnings.py c:\Users\yourusername\Desktop

Alternatively you can place the earnings.py script in your data folder. Then hold shift and right click within the folder and pick “Open PowerShell window here”
From there just python earnings.py should do the trick.

If you tell me the exact folder your earnings.py is in and the exact path to your data I can help you better.

@BrightSilence what is the best safe way to use your calculator? do i need to stop node and copy db before i can use it or can just copy db and use your script?

Thanks for the reminder @Vadim. On docker installs on windows and macos you should stop the node and copy the databases to a safe location first.

On Linux you can run it safely without doing so. In theory it should be safe on windows GUI installs as well. Don’t run it on remote databases over NSF/SMB or similar either. iSCSI should be safe.

I added the warning to my previous response as well.

i am giving you the path for my data folder here. The path is “C:\Users\dhiwa\Desktop\storj\data\storage”. But still couldn’t find the "earnings.py file"on any stroj related folders. I wil post it as soon as possible when the search in the “This PC” is completed.

You won’t find earnings.py in a storj directory, you have to download it using the link in the OP

EDIT: OP = original post

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and what does OP mean?

Original Poster.

Here’s the link from the post. https://github.com/ReneSmeekes/storj_earnings/archive/master.zip

does it work on embeded python? i try it run but not understand how to.

it respond
NameError: name ‘earnings’ is not defined

Could you post the command you’re using?

Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.18362.657]
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C:\Users\dhiwa\Desktop\storj_earnings-master>python earnings.py /C:/Users/dhiwa/Desktop/storj/data/storage
ERROR: Path does not exist: “/C:/Users/dhiwa/Desktop/storj/data/storage”

C:\Users\dhiwa\Desktop\storj_earnings-master>python earnings.py \C:\Users\dhiwa\Desktop\storj\data\storage
ERROR: Path does not exist: “\C:\Users\dhiwa\Desktop\storj\data\storage”


Don’t start the path with a \

python earnings.py C:\Users\dhiwa\Desktop\storj\data\storage

earnings.py C:\Users\Vadim\source\repos\Storj Node Toolbox\Storj Node Toolbox\bin\Debug\python\db

it is in python embeded cmd

yup, got that running. and actually it worked
C:\Users\dhiwa\Desktop\storj_earnings-master>python earnings.py C:\Users\dhiwa\Desktop\storj\data\storage
February 2020 (Version: 8.1.1) [snapshot: 2020-02-15 15:15:56Z]e[0m
Upload Ingress 65.60 GB -not paid-
Upload Repair Ingress 19.76 GB -not paid-
Download Egress 3.97 GB 0.08 USD
Download Repair Egress 361.14 MB 0.00 USD
Download Audit Egress 207.62 KB 0.00 USD
Disk Current Storage 324.02 GB -not paid-
Disk Average Month Storage 162.74 GBm 0.24 USD
Disk Usage Storage 113.27 TBh -not paid-
Total 162.74 GBm 89.70 GB 0.33 USD
Payout and escrow by satellite:e[0m
us-central-1 2019-08-19 Payout 0.0009 USD 0.0018 USD 0.0027 USD 0.0037 USD
Status:DQ (Up.0/Aud.586) Escrow 0.0027 USD 0.0018 USD 0.0009 USD 0.0000 USD

europe-west-1 2019-08-17 Payout 0.0150 USD 0.0299 USD 0.0449 USD 0.0599 USD
Status:OK (Up.0/Aud.946) Escrow 0.0449 USD 0.0299 USD 0.0150 USD 0.0000 USD

asia-east-1 2019-09-29 Payout 0.0016 USD 0.0032 USD 0.0048 USD 0.0064 USD
Status:DQ (Up.0/Aud.584) Escrow 0.0048 USD 0.0032 USD 0.0016 USD 0.0000 USD

saltlake 2020-02-13 Payout 0.0000 USD 0.0000 USD 0.0000 USD 0.0000 USD
Vetting:26% (Up.0/Aud.1000) Escrow 0.0000 USD 0.0000 USD 0.0000 USD 0.0000 USD

stefan-benten 2019-08-17 Payout 0.0643 USD 0.1286 USD 0.1929 USD 0.2571 USD
Status:OK (Up.0/Aud.937) Escrow 0.1929 USD 0.1286 USD 0.0643 USD 0.0000 USD