Earnings calculator (Update 2023-12-05: v13.1.0 - Now with support for different payouts per satellite - Detailed earnings info and health status of your node, including vetting progress)

Hey There :slight_smile:
I am also like 4 Month old. And thats my status. I am also still behind your predictions :wink:

Well the same response applies. Though I’m curious what predictions you are referring to as I only made some predictions in the linked topic about @o1eal’s node specifically. But yeah, ingress has slowed down, that’s always going to lead to slower vetting. Nothing I can do about that.

Ok, maybe predictions wasn’t the wrong word. I was reffering to:

You created a great tools!

@padso Interesting (maybe not surprising, but interesting) to see how similar our numbers are. Considering you do indeed have a head start on me, your total amount from each satellite is slightly higher. And our vetting status is the same, except you have been fully vetted by eu1, and I have not…though I have the most audits completed on that of the three remaining satellites (84).

@o1eal i startet on 10-04-21

@padso hey buddy… just checking how did it work out. Are you still running node?

Jep my node is still runnin. But i set up a second node on my subnet, so the traffic is split.

@padso I have started with 3TB last month planning it to streatch it to 16TB after the vetting process is complete. Tryting to get an idea of now much a stable node of 16TB can make after 12 months? What is your experience? an estimate is fine.

You could use the Realistic earnings estimator to see a good estimate of what you can expect in the first few years based on your connection, storage space and current network behavior.

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Just updated to Debian 11 and the simple command python doesn’t worked since its symlink was removed during the update. Python V3.9.2 is by default installed.
Two simple options:

  • Just use python3 instead

  • apt install python-is-python3 creates the symlink again


Another month later @salmanparacha

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This is pretty slow. I am into 3 months and sitting at 56gb storage. I see your vetting period is over. Did you notice traffic increase after that? @padso

My goal is to atleast make $100 from one node but dont know how long it will take my dream to come true lol.

It is not like a switch. Everyday there is a bit more traffic. The beginning is very slow :frowning:

Unlikely as nodes make between $3.00 and $4.00 per TB currently and the max it seems you can have at home right now is around 20TB so 20 x $4.00 = $80

I think @salmanparacha was hoping for $100 overall, not in a month.

@Stob thats a good one lol. If you $100 out of this consider yourself lucky

I have been lucky…


Quite a few SNOs make more than $100 monthly, you can see it in blockchain. Of course this requires multiple nodes, but it’s not impossible.

It requires multiple IP subnets. Multiple nodes alone won’t do it. Currently the largest nodes are around 19TB and earn about $55-$70 per month. It fluctuates a bit.

The node that survived deletion seems to be earning $7 a TB currently so there sure is variation.