Earnings calculator (Update 2024-05-13: v14.0.0 - New version is only compatible with node v1.104 and up - Detailed earnings info and health status of your node, including vetting progress)

I don’t get what this is supposed to contain, it just says a time and then some number of “Successful”. Doesn’t that just show how often your node was successfully tested as online by Prometheus? If so, I don’t think it can be of much use here. Are you maybe confused because Prometheus also calls it “Audit”? Or am I blind and maybe not seeing something here?

That is the counter of succesfull audits from given satellite, so to my understanding, what @BrightSilence asked for. The source for Prometheus is storj-log-exporter watching storagenode log.

Thanks for this, but I’ll need a bit more info before I can judge whether this is useful.

  • Are these audits across all satellites?
  • When did this node start?
  • Is this node already vetted on any of the satellites?

Example data is one satellite (us1). I fixed the counter resets:

This is the node report. Note that I have started log exporter on 2022-02-13 and node on 2022-02-03, which is the reason log exporter contains 32 from 37 audits. Csv counter should start at 5.

Awesome, yeah that does look useful, thanks!
If it’s not too much trouble it would be great to get that data for the other satellites as well. I’ll make another one of those graphs and see if I can tune further.

Would also be awesome if you could provide an update after getting is done on several satellites.

Sure, I just asked if it is worth the time first :slightly_smiling_face:
Here I provide the “prometheus logs” and “earnings calculator output” for two nodes. Node0 is vetted on two satellites (us1, eu1). Logs are missing even more of node lifetime, since node was started sooner than node1. I wish I can be more precise, but only I can tell, node0 was vetted around 28.2. on us1 and few (3?) days later on eu1.
Hope it helps.

Yeah, this is awesome, thanks! I’ll have to spend a bit of time on it, but I can definitely work with that. Across 2 nodes you’ve provided data from earlier as well as later in the process. It’s ok that it’s not entirely complete. Kind of used to working with incomplete data in my day to day to be honest. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll report back on my findings when I have some info. But thanks for this!

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If it’s of any help :
I’ve a text log file for my node going back to April 2021 (I run the earnings report every 24 hours) It was a new node when I started it.

Just need to get it uploaded somwewhere…

It’s been another week so here’s my output again, audits have been slow, traffic was steady, about 2-3GB/day but quite a lot of that (1-2GB) is deleted again within a few days. Sorry for the weird format I’m on my phone.

My weekly report:

Its been another 10 days and vetting still looks rather linear to me, I’ve been seeing 2-3 vets per day on eu1, less on all the others.

Thanks for the updates again. The exponential nature of the process is actually starting to show up. I’ve separated out the production satellites as those see more natural use than the less predictable test and internal satellites.

You can clearly see the exponential curve on eu1 and us1. But I also clearly overcorrect for it now.

I adjusted my new formula to fit your data again.

The differences are a lot smaller so I’m still trying to decide whether it’s worth adjusting the formula or just removing it.

I’ve looked at the other data others have provided too, it seems mostly in line with your data, but with fewer data points. @mihalko’s files turned out to be less useable because it wasn’t clear when the nodes were vetted in that process and treatment of nodes changes after they are vetted.

Right now it looks like the process is about 60% linear and 40% exponential.

that new node is around 90% vetted now (eu, us1). If that help and you can wait a bit, I can provide the data again, with exact information when the node have been vetted.

Weekly report:

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Weekly report:


Weekly report:

Thanks at everyone who provided data!

@skookum, I used your frequent reports to make a similar graph and finalize the new predictions.

I’ve focused on customer facing satellites as that will be most representative in the future and test satellites may have erratic non-standard behavior.

I’ve verified these new predictions with data provided by others and this looks like by far the most linear. I will update the earnings estimator with the new formula soon. No more screenshots are required. Thanks again for the help everyone!


New version with adjusted indication for linear progress of vetting is now live. Let me know if this improves things.


v11.1.0 - Adjusted linear audit progress percentage

  • Audit progress was adjusted based on community feedback

Thanks to a heads up from @Th3Van I had been made aware of a change that broke this script for node version 1.62. I was able to get a fix ready before it started rolling out, but waited until the rollout started, because this would break the script for older node versions.
The rollout has started now. But please note:

Do not update to this version of the calculator before your node has updated to v1.62.3 or above. Doing so will break the script.

With that out of the way, here are the changes in this version. Changes for the unreleased version v11.2.0 are now also publicly available.


v12.0.0 - Compatibility with node version 1.62+

  • Fixes error on new node version > this version is only compatible with node version 1.62+
  • Implements new scoring threshold into audit and suspension scores (As before, a score of 0% means you’re good, 100% means you’re suspended or disqualified)

v11.2.0 - Fallback satellite names (unreleased)

  • Adds fallback for satellite names for new nodes (It takes up to 24 hours before satellite names are available in the node db’s)

hello,the “us 1” node tell me ”downtime high“,what`s that meaning,my node is always online.