Earnings Estimates

So if I use the calculator it says I can earn about 294 per month per node. Is that a realistic expectation? is this amount dependent on price volatility of storj token? is it likely to earn that amount per node? This calculation is with all settings at max with 1 tb hdd. I know some will be withheld but the idea that I earn that much per node is crazy to me! Thank you in advance for answering my question.

The calculator is an unrealistic prediction of how much you will make per node per month. This is best case. More realistically though your node will make around 20 dollars a month if you get 1TB of egress per month. Also you get paid for repairs and storage on top of that.

As of right now theres mostly test data on the network This month has been one of the best months so far sense V3 has started, I don’t expect it to be like this every single month, If your here for solely because of the calculator I don’t want to bust your bubble but it probably will never happen, as theres 3000+ nodes running on the network and you have to go though a vetting process in the start of your node before you will receive lots of data.


Do you think there is going to be a huge demand once the new version goes into production. that is in a couple days right? they say they have over 14000 developers waiting. i would think that would skyrocket demand and earnings. what do you think of that? one more question how does the vetting and reputation process work. how long does it take? does it get harder the more people there are? thank you for your reply.

Please note that we have not yet announced an exact date for the production launch.