Earnings.py versus df (report file system disk space usage)


My node is becoming quite full of data and I would like to allocate the maximum disc capacity to Storj.

Earnings.py indicates “disc current - storage” of 3.50 TB. I think this value corresponds to the command line I have typed run docker (docker run \ ... -e STORAGE="3.5TB" \ ...).

The command “df -h” says “/dev/md3 3,6T 3,2T 180G 95% /home”, showing some tiny differences.

How could I increase the allocated disc to Storj to disc limit ? To which -e STORAGE="..." value ?

Thanks in advance.


I would advise against using all available space. ALWAYS keep 10% for overhead.


Hello @Hogion,
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The df -h shows free space in GiB, TiB, … (binary format), the Storj’s software uses GB, TB, … (decimal format) everywhere. So, take it into account too.
And @nerdatwork is right - do not allocate more than 90% of available space. The node could overuse the allocated space since we are still in the beta, there could be bugs.


I can confirm that the earnings.py script also uses decimal TB calculation in accordance with Storj standards. And I furthermore agree that you should not allocate more than 90% of what is physically available on your disks. The problems you run into when your disks are completely full are nasty and sometimes cause your node to no longer start at all. You really want to prevent that.

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OK !

Thanks for the explanations and advice.