Edit setup data after installation

Hello everybody,

unfortunately my newest node is not updated automatically. Node 1 and 2 are always up to date. I use Watchtower to run the whole thing automatically. But when I look at my Docker container, Node 1 and 2 use the Docker image “storjlabs / storagenode: beta” and the third node use somthing like this “e3bb12hdsjsa” as an image.

So i want to check the setup and find a way to fix that problem.


To update any parameter in the docker version setup you need to stop and remove the container and run it back with all your parameters include changed ones: How do I change values like wallet address or storage capacity? - Node Operator
Since you use a beta tag, I would recommend to check other options in the docker run, because they could be outdated as well: Storage Node - Node Operator

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