Egress and satellite online rate drop down

Hi guys
Is it normal?? I’ve observed for one month. The online rate go up but sometimes go down. And the egress useage is drop down recently about half of them if compare of before. The disk useage is about 480gb to 580gb in this month. Then transfer to trash date, and repeating. So the disk useage is not increasing if compare the data useage of last month. How would I go and where to check if anything is wrong? or it is normal??
===============================================================Another question is now I use 300/100m speed internet. After I calculate, filled 14tb will be need very long time, but I see some people upload there picture of useage is already exceed 10tb, how would they do it?? Thank you guys watch my topic!

There is no predictable measurements for customers’ usage. Any customers’ behavior is normal.
The hardware almost doesn’t matter, the only matter is customers’ activity and speed between the customers and your node.

From the technical point of view your node doesn’t have a stable online score - it’s lower than 90%, so it hit the cache much rarer than nodes with 100% online score. Please, fix that issue, if possible.
In additional, make sure that your node is updated to the latest version. The current version is v1.34.3


About ingres, time to time happens that ingres is massive. Also some people have more than one external IP, then several nodes together give bigger resalts, Also some people are already have nodes for 2-3year

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@Vadim the author asked about egress, i.e. downloads from their node, not ingress (uploads to their node)

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but for fliiling 10 TB need space and time, hi asked how they do it.


Valid point, my apologies.

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As they say for investment advice: “Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.”


Thx, You guys awesome!! The node is update automatically. I installed with the gui windows installer. I would like to know how the online score go down?? Because I didn’t shut down my server

I found this. How can I check these problems? and how to deal with?? I have no knowledge to check and fix >"< Will nicehash effect node operating??

Reasons of failed audits

To be audited, the node should be online and answering to audit requests, otherwise it will affect the online score instead of audit score.

So, the node is online, answers to audits but:

  • did not provide a piece for audit in 5 minutes. Did the same two more times for the same piece
  • has provided a piece but it’s corrupted
  • did not provide a piece with error “file not found”

In such cases, the audit of this piece is considered failed.

Basically when your node did not answer on audit requests, this affects the online score.
If it answers but failed the audit - this affects the audits score.

You can read more there: How is the online score calculated? - Node Operator

You can check when it is happened by these scripts:

The excerpt you provided is for the case when the node were online and fails audits. It’s not your case :slight_smile:

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