Email from Storj - information please

I received an email from Storj with this content (screenshot).stroj-email I don’t know anything about some downtime on one of my SNs (I have two SNs). Neither dashboard nor Uptime Robot confirm it as if I was offline (screenshot)

So I am asking for information what does such an email from Storj mean ???

That is a very weird email. It’s incoherent. What’s a “Europe Satellite Node”? How has the first part of the first sentence anything to do with the second part?

Can’t hurt to check your dashboard, but this looks shady enough to me that I’d avoid clicking any links in the email. Is this even actual Storj communication?

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Received the same and additionally one about updating a node.

All links, including social media links goes to a domain:

e “dot” customeriomail “dot” com

I think this is scam.

At my place link “Community”:

If your node was online when you got that message, you can safely ignore it. There was some glitch in the trigger condition for sending out these emails, so some were send erroneously. We apologize for the confusion this may have caused.

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Thank you for the information :slight_smile:

If this mails were send by mistake, i have some suggestions to improve them for the future.

Add IP-Address and/or DNS name in the mail to make clear which node is addressed by the mail, since many people have more than one.

P.S.: Port number would be usefull for home operators with several nodes sharing the sampe IP


Right. Also “”. Exactly how many external service providers do we need to remember as being legitimate? Whatever happened to the idea of operating your own email server and/or using your own subdomain for “official” communication?

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There is also something like Node ID

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@Storj: Not everything which is technically possible should and needs to be done. Why do you track all clicks on links in your emails? Why is it so important that you know whether I clicked on one of them? What happened to the principle of “Datensparsamkeit”, especially with an open source project like storj?


My node once went down for a long time and I never got any email(wish I did though). I’m currently using as a substitute.

Received several mails telling me that the europe satellite is offline. But to me everything is OK and working:

I host a dedicated ultra-fast node in China with 99.9% server uptime. I have control over all ports and firewall rules.
After thorough checks, my suspicion is that this is an ISP or country level blocking, so that all incoming data from europe are censored.

Please investigate this connection issue.

Also, such non-controllable issue related satellite offline shouldn’t affect the node’s reputation. Clearly this is a missight towards regional connection complexity.

If your node is online I wouldnt worry about the email.

This looks like an Easter Egg :face_with_monocle:

There was a similar post by another SNO so this is not an isolated event.

Hi thanks for.the message, which I’ve passed along to engineer

Apparently this was a bug with our email system. Someone else asked about it here: Email from Storj - information please?

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