Email saying satellite offline onWindows GUI

Hi all, could someone please tell me how I can check with windows gui a satellite that has gone offline,I know you can use the drop down list,but the status says on line. How I know the satellite has gone down is I keep getting emails telling me this,the last time this kept happening my node was disqualified.thanks

what your dashboard say your status?
what logs say? Errors?

Hi Vadim,it states online, but I don’t know how to get any logs on the gui

Programe Files\Storj\storagenode

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Thanks for the help,I’ve just noticed the node that has the problem was the old node that I delete as it said I was disqualified.
Thanks again great help

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Sorry folks,can you help again.just updated to 0.35.3 and the gui saying offline but the uptime is counting up,does this mean it is online or is it offline. Thanks

Try to refresh a page with Ctrl-F5 and please use the Chrome for sure

Yep it’s fixed, thank you