Error: uplink: permission denied (bucket: metaclient: Unauthorized API credentials)

Hello, I’m a novice user who just signed up for storj, and I think I may have done something incorrect during the setup.

I’ve two access points when I ran uplink access list, and when I try to run the command uplink ls, I received the error Error: uplink: permission denied (bucket: metaclient: Unauthorized API credentials).

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong or if this post is sufficient enough for troubleshoot. please let me know if there’s something else that I need to provide.

Hello @rdzwn ,
Welcome to the forum!

This error means that the default access is revoked or deleted.
You can use the second access to try to list buckets and objects like this:

uplink --access second-access ls

Where the second-access is a name of the second access in the uplink.
If it has been revoked or deleted too, you can remove the default config (use uplink setup --help to see where your default config.yaml is located) and setup the uplink with a new access grant or a new API key.
You can also replace the access with flag --overwrite during the import.