Error when uploading files via console

It didn’t happen before, but today the error upload failed: uplink: missing encryption base: [bucket]/[file] appeared.

Moreover, it appears on every file, I can’t upload the folder to the cloud

Could you please provide an example of your command?

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uplink.exe cp -r N:[folder] sj://main11

Is it still happening?

Yes, this error is still shown

Could you please create another access grant with the same encryption phrase and import it to uplink with a new name, i.e.

uplink access import test1 1CfdTR.....

Then check that encryption phrase is correct:

uplink ls --access test1 sj://main11

You should see your objects, otherwise the encryption phrase was wrong.

And try the same command with this new access:

uplink cp --access test1 -r N:\folder sj://main11