Excessive use of hdd on my node

January had a surge payout of 300% and extreme download testing. It was the best month ever. My guess is we’re never going to see a month like that again.

May is more like what you should count on on average.
Please also notice the big difference in data stored.

It looks like currently you should be counting on about $4 per TB stored. (I just noticed @Derkades mentioned the exact same number) If you need thousands to get ROI, you’re doing things VERY wrong. I hope you spend all that mostly on HDD space so you have a chance on maybe at some point earning it back if data keeps flowing in. But you really shouldn’t count on that and you shouldn’t have spent anywhere near that much on your setup.

well i’ve done a good deal of work… pulled 30 meters of 10gig cable
and then all the hours put in testing and making it work… then the server and 60tb total hd capacity , upgraded an additional 24gb ram to make zfs happy … and so i could run my vm’s and what not…

hell i even built a 10 meter wall to partition off the server room, then i spent a bit to long making old routers work as switches… which in hindsight might not have been worth the time, but made the entire house 1gbit using only old gear that was trash anyways.
my newest addition is a humidity controller, and then ofc on top of the 60tb of hdd’s i got about 1tb worth in old ssd’s
i’m not saying the storagenode has to pay that off… i’m saying at 50$ pr 500gb stored, it could easily do that, but yeah 4$ pr tb would be great… also my old calculation was based on me using 440watts now i’m at 220… so that should also make it much more easy to break even…

in the end most of the hardware expenses and such are minor expenses compared to all the research and setup time i’ve spent on this…
many things to take into account when making a datacenter, even if just a small on…
actually bought a 250$ raid card for this… but then later learned about zfs and decided to switch that out… still need to get that resold… but it’s a fun little hobby that might make some money and which gives me a good reason and test bed for server gear… which is kinda cool

might start building storage servers and then resell them… using storj as a testbed… and to have the servers make money while they are being tested xD
which in part is also why i spent so much time on it… so really cannot expect my server to pay for other stuff like that… heh that would be absurd

but when one has a hundred projects it’s not always easy to predict which ones go well and which will be trashed.

so it all adds up… i also bought new sas cables, parts of my rack case, hba’s… hw keys for the raid card, bbu and cables for the raid card… i could most likely go on lol… STP plugs and cable because i have twisted pair cables running near a main 440volt power line

been eyeing 10gbit switchs and nics… but on twisted pair thats just expensive still
especially if one doesn’t really need it lol