Extremely High Upload Failures

Getting this after running the success rate script

It’s hard to tell whether this is good or bad without a little more information. What kind of hardware are you using? What connection speed do you have (wireless/wired)? What is your nodes location? (Rough location is fine, no need to post your address :wink: )

There are a lot of things that can impact these rates and I’ve seen nodes with worse numbers than you’re showing. There is also a possibility of some fine tuning by lowering the concurrency setting, which may raise the success rate at the cost of acceptance rate. Which will waste less bandwidth. Some info on that here.

Running inside a Ubuntu VM in an ESXi thats running in a Dell R710

This particular VM has 6vCores assigned and 4GB of RAM (E5520)

The connection speed is 600mbps simetrical without a cap, wired

Worst thing is probably location and disk Iops, the node is located in the Canary Islands and Im starting to notice heavy IOPs, could be that the disk isnt keeping up with the node

I’m going to guess that indeed the location isn’t ideal. There is probably not that much you can do about that. However, if IO is indeed a bottleneck for you it might be well worth lowering the concurrency a bit. Right now you’re attempting up to 7 transfers at a time. Try setting it at 4 and see if that helps. Also anything that could speed up writes would help too. What are you using for storage? Is it local storage or remote?

Its running on a WD Green 1TB ( less than ideal, well its even shitty tbh )
I will be replacing it with an SSD raid shortly ( ran out of budget )

About the concurrent requests, I had it set to 4 before, and changed it to 7 (yesterday i think)

Maybe even lower? 2-3? How many concurrent connections are other people usually able to do with single hdd setups

Every setup is different, so it’s hard to say. But I’m guessing that HDD isn’t very new either. It’s not really built for 24/7 operation either. As for the SSD RAID, that would obviously perform great, but I sure hope you’re not buying that just for storj. If you’re going to buy anything, buy a more modern HDD. If you need the SSD array for other stuff as well, by all means, go for it. :slight_smile:

How your storage is connected to this VM?

Currently it’s NFS, I think iSCSi maayyy give a tiny bit more performance? Not sure if noticeable.

But haven’t tried tbh

Just try it, you will be surprised!
And without additional costs

FYI https://forum.storj.io/tags/nfs

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Oh wow, Will be changing assap then to iSCSi