Extremely low payout for April


Please explain why I got 7.5 storj ~ $0.7 for April?
Yep, you read it correct. I got less than I got in March when usage of my node was 1 order of magnitude lower than in April.
Guys, I let you use about 3 Terabytes of bandwidth, run the computer 24/7, stored 2.5 terabytes of data, with hundreds of Gb of upload. And what I get in the end is $0.7. Are you effing kidding me?
Please correct it, or I will have to shut it down.
My node ID is 1uBhTpXG5P75kVzEKcRMAernJbr4uELMwogxKDS8QQmBpEzUUQ.
This is gotta be a joke.

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You might wanna calm down and just wait until all payouts have gone out. I’m pretty sure you haven’t received everything from all satellites yet.

In the mean time you can use the earnings calculator to see what the total payout for April should be.


Did you get 6 payments, 1 from each satellite?

Yes, I have received 6 payments in total.

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Are you sure your node is working correctly? What did the payout calculator say in the dashboard?
3 TB of bandwidth is nothing,
Upload is worth nothing
Storing 3 TB of data is worth almost nothing

I’m storing 7TB of data
I have 250GB of ingress every day, that’s 1TB of ingress every 4 days
I have almost 0 egress
I have been running the node since February
But now that will end. I have other projects that will be more valuable


Are you saying you are going to shutdown your node?

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My payout was also very low. I got a lot more for 2 nodes last month. This time I got a payout for all 4 nodes which is not approaching the last month and yes I have received all payments. But well the dashboard also shows a payout of $ 0 for April ^^

What other alternative projects are there? At best without the many bugs ^^

Dashboard is broken, the previously month payment does not come from the database, it comes from the satellites according to another thread here. It was supposed to be “some lag” but if it takes weeks for that lag to be “sorted out” - it does not give a lot of trust to the project

A lot of other projects pay $0.1 per Gb. I wasted 3Tb of bandwidth here. And I think it is a lot. What about electricity costs? Disk abuse with all the endless reads and writes?

Yea, it looks like it. I decided before the payout as I knew it would be almost zero as I have no egress traffic at all and that there have been to many bugs lately. I might run a really smal node, that will. be filled quickly and let it idle but running a 10TB node with the kind of redundancy and tech is decently not worth it. I have a 100% upload success factor so the node obviously performs well.

If I can do a graceful shutdown and it will just take a few days or weeks I’ll do that but my gut feeling is that it will take months

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And yes, I am sure it’s working correctly. 99.9% uptime on all the satellites.

The thread is known to me, I just wanted to point out the misalignment because it is still not fixed ^^
Please don’t get me wrong, I love this project and it has a lot of potential. But I have the feeling that real money slips through your hands through the bugs.

Could you help me run the script please?
I compiled it with python 3.8 but I have no idea where the ‘storj/data’ folder is.
Where can I find it?

It’s the same location you use in the docker run command for CLI setups or you entered in the GUI installer on windows GUI nodes. I can’t give you the exact path as you chose it yourself.

From the official docker command :

--mount type=bind,source="<storage-dir>"

The storage-dir is the storj/data that the earnings.py script is expecting.

Complete agreement. The extremely low payments and the lack of outbound traffic. I think the best solution is to simply delete the node, which I did (2TB). 25% of $1.5 is nothing. HDD mining (BHD) more profitable :wink:


Sure you can prematurely remove your node, but you’re giving up on future months that looks more like this.


Your node is not expected to make much money during early months. It takes time to get vetted, it takes time to collect more data and that data is needed to get more egress. Additionally the held back amount is quite large in those months as well. It gets a lot better if you’re patient.


@BrightSilence Has the held back about “time” been reset since Feb launch or have existing SNO’s continued that time since they joined the network last year?

I’m not entirely sure what you mean. But if you’re referring to the first 9 months in which a certain percentage of payout is held back, that has not been reset. However there are new satellites added on which your node has to go through those 9 months again as this process happens per satellite.


Are we only supposed to receive 6 payments? I received 8 already, and I usually get 10… When did you start your node @masta? When my node was new, most of my bandwidth was download, but as it got older, I got a lot more egress bandwidth, therefore a much higher payout.