Failed to load identity - node restarts

I updated the node 2020-05-11 after that the node doesnt find my identity.
This is what it says:

2020-05-12T05:03:42.498Z FATAL Failed to load identity. {“error”: “file or directory not found error: open identity/identity.cert: operation not permitted”, “errorVerbose”: "file or directory not found error: open identity/identity.cert: operation not

Watchtower says
time=“2020-04-10T10:01:31Z” level=info msg=“Unable to update container /storagenode. Proceeding to next.”
time=“2020-05-01T21:20:28Z” level=info msg=“Waiting for running update to be finished…”

My identity is correct.

I have read in other topics that they have made a script, is that a bat file? To show again where the identity is.
What do I need to write in the bat file? dont have a clue =)

What is the version that you updated to ? If you can’t remember, do you remember the last version of your node ?

Also make sure your identity folder has 6 files in it.

think it was 1.3.x something with 3, the new update came the 11th for me. Dont remember what version it was.
The folder has 6 files, strange that all have worked for like 10 months and this update kills it.

Are you running docker under Windows or Linux? What is your docker command for that storagenode?

im running in windows 10.
Using docker desktop, I just start the program.
Configed everything first time.

Your docker container still has the “alpha” tag, it might be part of the problem. I would stop and remove the container and create it again according to the docs.

This being said, if you only have 1 node on this PC and don’t plan to have more, then I think the recommendation is to use the Windows-GUI. I can’t help you with that, because I use Linux only.

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If I remove the container,wont that remove all rep I have made in all months?

Is there a way to update to remove the alpha?

You can safely remove and update docker command. Better use a .bat file so its easier.

Do I need to copy the files when I want to use the same disk?

Or can I just go down to “Migrating from Docker CLI to a GUI Install on Windows?”?

Your identity will be at C drive so if you are migrating to another HDD in same computer then you need to copy the storage folder to this new HDD. Then edit your docker run command with new path to this drive.

If you want to migrate from docker on Windows to GUI then follow this link

thanks alot, the node is online now with windows GUI

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Make sure your web dashboard shows real stats and not everything at zero.

all look good but I need to change my diskspace, is there any easy way to do that? Or can I just uninstall and install again or do the container get deleted to?

Check GUI section

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