Feb. 8 Update on SNO Payouts and High Ethereum Gas Prices

No need to get defensive, I was just asking

They might get fed up of the subject as it’s been brought up hundreds of time now, so I can’t blame them ^^
I think we should accept we’re being paid in STORJ and go forward with it, period :wink:

SotrjLabs are fully aware of the difficulties linked to this payment method, but we can probably assume that they took the time to explore all possible reasonable ways they had at their disposal in step with their objectives and constraints (and are probably still doing so) to mitigate these difficulties by some means, and fiat transfers and/or moving to another crypto currency are not one of them.

But zkSync is, and this should be ready to use and documented really soon :slight_smile:

I hope that pretty much sums up the whole story ^^


Yeah, I guess you’re right.
Quite honestly I don’t really care. As I mentioned quite a few times before, I do this for the cool factor and not for the payments.
I was genuinely curious as to how many countries were so badly impacted with fiat usage that it made it impossible to roll the technology out that way :slight_smile:

And I am 100% in agreement with you that some people FAR more intelligent than I have looked into this issue and came up with the current solution.

It’s much simple to count countries where you would not have too much problems with USD wire transfers to the individuals:

  • US

For EUR:

  • EU

But I think even there the company will be forced to collect information from operators and send it to the regulatory authorities.

Our operators are over 82 countries at the moment.

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I also think Fiat is no Option. Because then Storj loose the taste of Cryptocurrency.

However Ethereum price dumped. Maybe this month the payment is easier

I switched all of my storage nodes to zkSync yesterday. I am ready for the payout :slight_smile:

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I haven’t moved my storage nodes over to zkSync. I’m ready to payout too (for a long time)


I may switch to zksync when a clear documentation is available, and when the dashboard clearly shows whenever zksync is activated, what amount is pending for payment and so on…

I’m not in a hurry ^^


How about 2 out of 3? Documentation should be published in the next few days. Pending payments are visible with the next storage node release. We are currently missing any visual feedback regarding zkSync enabled or disabled.

Bonus: After you have received your zkSync payment the new storage node version will show you a transaction link to the zkSync explorer.




Any thoughts on using Optimism? Sounds like a similar approach to zkSync unless I’m misunderstanding something. Looks like they have more funding and Coinbase and Uniswap are expected to be on board. They say they’ll be on mainnet in March.

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Not sure why my post was flagged…? It was a legitimate question. Not much of a ‘community’ it seems.

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not sure either, maybe someone thought it was offtopic or advertizing… just edit it to get it shown again.

I looked into it and I would say someone has reported it for a reason. I see this as advertisement as well. The linked solution doesn’t have a wallet or block explorer. So how exactly should we use that? Why do you sign up here and post a link to a service that we can’t use? If you would like to know more about this service you could ask without having to link it. A new user that drops a link in the first post is very suspicious. So for these reasons I will add my vote on top of the existing stack and let the system handle the rest.

Beside that little detail the github repository is also very suspicious. Why do they copy code from other projects? Why do they not fork it and try to sell it as it would be their own code? Personally, I don’t want to get in touch with a project that is unable to clean up their own github repository.


It’s better to have an answer like yours than to just flag the post. Without a post, one can only speculate about the reasons.

My bet is that zk Rollups out class Optimism in the scaling showdown. Vitalik does a good job outlining why in this post: https://vitalik.ca/general/2021/01/05/rollup.html.

Put simply Math (zk-circuits) > over Validators. Kind of like Ethereum vs BSC if you ask me.

I would argue it is better to let the community flag what ever they want and I am happy to double check it later on. Discord is doing this by its own. You just klick that button and if multiple people do that discord will hide it.


I’m not against flagging things but if it isn’t clear to everyone else why things are flagged, it’s not much helpful either. Especially if a message seems to fit into a thread.

It works like a voting. If you have a problem with a message you can flag it. If multiple people are doing that discord will start to hide the message. My point is please feel free to always flag a post. This will keep the community a healthy place. This is a strength of discord. Even when storj labs is sleeping discord will not. This example is showing that quite good. It took us 21h to even notice it while discord has solve the issue already.


You keep saying Discord, but you’re talking about this Discourse forum, right? :thinking: