February payouts are coming!

Hey Storage Node Operators, As we move into production one of the things we are trying to achive is a fully automated Storage Node Operator payments calculations process. Since we launched our first beta we have had a process that involves some manual steps during the SNO payment calculations at the beginning of each month but this month we are moving towards an almost fully automated process!
In the long term, this means SNO payment calculations will be automated so the chance of any errors will be far lower and this will also allow us to do the payments quicker because currently, this is the slowest part of our monthly SNO payment process. This is also going to allow us to show the held amount on the Storage Node Dashboard as well!
In the short term, this means this month’s payments may be a little slower than usual but we still plan on having all of the SNO payments done by March 15 (within our Storage Node operator terms of service)


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