Fix Suspension automatic?

I had a short issue with my line. does the suspension go away automatic

This suspension not for downtime, it’s for responding on audits with unknown error.
Please, check your logs for errors: Suspension mode – Storj

Thanks. However there is no error

if your node was unresponsive and didn’t answer to that audit at all, it’s possible it didn’t even process the request and therefore not have any logs about it.
But if your node is working fine now, it should disappear soon.

@kevink Thanks so i will wait

Keep an eye on those scores for now though. They should be slowly going up, if they go down again, something is likely still wrong.


My understanding is that if the problem lasted for a short period of time (e.g. 2 days) scores may stay still for approximately 28 days.
Then, scores will recover in a couple of days.
(Maybe all that is for online scores only though - Edit: it is, see next post)

Either ways, scores should be back to 100% in 30 days. If rhey’re not, or if they’re dropping, @BrightSilence is right and logs will have to be scanned for errors.

That’s only true for the online score which just measures online time in the past 30 days. Suspension and audit scores should go up with every successful audit.