Found a StorJ-related file, what is it?

Hello there,

Back in october 2017, I was interested in the StorJ project during a quick period.
I’m not able to remember what I did at this time (my memories are mixed with other crypto projects I was interested in).

But I recently found a file on my computer probably related to StorJ and called UTC--2017-10-18T09-56-40.993Z--2a17..., which is a json file with this content:

  "version": 3,
  "id": "...",
  "address": "...",
  "Crypto": {
    "ciphertext": ".",
    "cipherparams": {
      "iv": "..."
    "cipher": "aes-128-ctr",
    "kdf": "scrypt",
    "kdfparams": {
      "dklen": 32,
      "salt": "...",
      "n": 1024,
      "r": 8,
      "p": 1

Any clue about what is this file? Do you think it has any value now?

Thank you.

This is the file (Keystore) you need to log in to your wallet, probably MyEtherWallet