From Windows 10 to Ubuntu


I have set up a new storagenode on Ubuntu 18.x LTS and want to migrate (re-attach a HD to my linux build) the DB from a working storagenode on Windows 10.

Where should I point the identity folder : where the “Revocation” files are or below in the folder with the “key” files ?

In the log, I got an early unrecoverable error (i’ll post it when i can access my machines).

Also I put myself in docker group so that i don’t need to use sudo but should i change something on the permission for storage access ? I remember that on Windows access permission to HD need to be activated in the Docker GUI.

Things are luckily a lot simpler on Linux since no virtualization is needed, so no sharing of drives necessary.
You point your identity path to the folder where your identity.cert file (and others) are. I’m pretty sure the revocations.db is no longer used, but I could be wrong.
A single unrecoverable failed audit, while not great, is not much of an issue either. Not much you can do about that now except make sure you use --mount options instead of -v and make sure you mount your hdd using fstab.

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