Full support for IPv6 Networks

I would use IPv6 (with NAT) for two reasons - either my ISP takes away my v4 public IP (and only gives v6 public IPs) or there are some servers that I want to access and they only have v6.

NAT has uses other than just making multiple devices share the same public IP.


I agree with your post and your philosophy.

However, this thread wouldn’t be necessary if IPv6 and IPv4 networks connected together without difficulty. If a node operator is running an IPv6 only node, that node operator has no access to IPv4 networks. Since a very large portion of the Internet still runs on IPv4, many - maybe most - Storj users are going to be accessing Storj network via IPv4…

And thus the problem.

However, IPFS networks run on top of either IPv4 or IPv6 or maybe IPFS…

It’s possible to use IPFS as a v4/v6 agnostic overlay in a global private network consisting of operators and clients. Such overlay would make the discussion of v4/v6 moot.


Nevermind. Unsurprisingly, I have my information a bit messed up on this one.

I just tried setting up a 6 node private network spread across 3 separate hosts, 2 Internet accessible and 1 LAN.

IPv6 only IPFS nodes were undialable from the IPv4 based nodes, even if the IPv6 only nodes were connected to a dual stack IPFS node.

IPv4 → IPv4,IPv6 → IPv6

did not work…

So, I was not correct in my thinking here.

If the IPFS nodes stored data, the content would be accessible… but the nodes are not dialable across the IPv4/IPv6 split.

IPFS was never designed to convert traffic between networks. I think you like this technology, but it can only do what’s designed for - the file system (with quantum effect: your files exist and doesn’t exist in the same time and only trying to access can give you the exact state).

I do like IPFS. It’s extremely useful on my LANs. I can easily fire up a private node and share files or have other LAN hosts play remote audio/video through a web browser without any further configuration or installation of software.

I had been playing with using IPFS as a replacement for ssh connections… tunneling ssh or http through IPFS connections works quite well…

ssh reverse tunnels from IPv4 to a dual stack Internet facing server do pass IPv6 traffic through the IPv4 connection. I was thinking IPFS would work similarly. Apparently it does not. It probably would work if I followed this NAT-PT guide on the IPFS v4/v6 node… but that’s not something that could be put in a drop-in solution.