Gateway ST and Gateway MT are different?

@sean cool. Hopefully you can fix it will be happy using gateway ST

Hi @jensamberg, I discovered there are some more detailed logs you can retrieve from HBS. If you go to the top right menu and hit “Debug report” you’ll get a zip file. Here’s what it looks like for me:

Inside the zip there is the folder system/Backup 1/log (in my case, the backup was called “Backup 1”, so it might be different for you). backupengine-error.log here looks the most interesting. I took a look, and saw a bunch of timeout errors for my backups. Could you share what you’re able to see in this file?

Another thing I tried last night is reducing the number of concurrent files being processed.

If you edit your backup and go to Rules → Options, there is a “Concurrent file processing limit” which defaults to 5. I reduced this to 1 and it seems to have helped.

My home internet is pretty bad and upload is only around 20Mbps. The router became unstable and started dropping clients when Gateway ST started uploading files due to it opening a large number of connections to storage nodes concurrently. This would be a far better experience on a very good connection and quality router, and would explain why using Gateway MT is a better experience if you use weaker hardware or connections.

@sean I will test it with 1. However with duplicati Gateway ST works

@sean reduce files to 1 works thanks. I tested it with 20 GB. Now I will test it with my full backup 200 GB.

Can you support me to test the Download?

Thanks a lot, @sean, for testing this!

I will update Gateway-ST's (running in Docker on QNAP) upload stalls while using HBS3 · Issue #38 · storj/gateway-st · GitHub with information on how to mitigate this issue.

I suspect there might be some sweet spot between decreasing concurrency (Concurrent file processing limit) and increasing connection timeout. @jensamberg If you happen to test more and have additional observations, let us know! Thanks a lot for using Storj DCS/Gateway-ST!

@sean & @artur I investigated by trail and error that also reduce the part size to 5 MB increase the speed and reliability drastical. If Storj ever will make a documantation I can recommend theese settings for QNAP HBS3