General question for Storj

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I am currently using amazon as my main way of storing data. However Storj looks like a potential better alternative for data storage.
I have checked out the different pricing and would like to clarify a few things.

First of all what is the incentive for someone to shift from amazon to storj if the price is the same ? (I currently pay 4.1$/T on amazon). Secondly, For the 4$/T option, is there any other fee applicable when changing the data of an already stored document ? (like transaction fees for example ?)

Thank you.

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Have a look at this

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I am just a SNO and we would be happily store your data.

I am sure someone from Storj will be answering in this thread soon.

In the meantime maybe this thread could be interesting for you. Depending on the amount of data and the nature of your data requirements, there might be an additional incentive signing up as partner:

Hi @1MikaNoun98

The link from @nerdatwork’s link should answer your questions, i.e. there are no transaction fees or ingress fees. However for completeness there is also a per segment fee which becomes relevant if you have a large number of smaller files -