Generate shareable link programatically

I’m exploring how we can create a shareable public link to uploaded encrypted files. And how can someone view the file content without having any encryption key to decrypt the file content?

Starting with the “how” to create publicly sharable content: there is an optional component of the Storj network called Link Sharing. To use Link Sharing, you first register your credentials with the Auth Service.

If all of your content is public, it’s often easiest to share an entire bucket with-in the user interface. You can also use the uplink CLI to make content available with Link Sharing. If you have a bunch of files that are semi-public, you can prohibit listing when you do this, so that people can’t browse for content.

For more details, please search the forum, there are plenty of details out there.


If you don’t understand something from my post that wthorp linked (Is there a way to get the share link of an uploaded file through an api call?) let me know and I’ll try my best.

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