Got a second node token

I’ve been running my node for about 4 months now. I not got my second storagenode token for some reason. From what I understand, running two nodes from the same external IP is useless, since the satellites differentiate between nodes by their IP and group them together as such. Has that changed recently?

We are sorry for this, we were trying to resend tokens that had not yet been claimed only. Please check carefully if this is really the same token you already had used before to sign an identity. We apologize for the confusion!

Nope, this one is different from the two I received when I first started (I ruined my first node and had to re-request with a different email).

OK so if you already have one node that is vetted, you can start a second one on the same IP when the first is close to getting filled up. If you start it before, the two nodes will share the same bandwidth so you would not get any more data than if it was only one node running on that IP. So if your first node is not yet close to getting filled, you can save this token and use it later when you are ready to add a second drive.