Graceful exit is a must have feature. Why? Look to inside :)

We should make a Graceful exit feature available before the production.
Otherwise it will costs money to Storj Labs.
For example. SN started and somehow got 2TB of data for a month. Let’s assume that 25% of it downloaded back by customer. The payout would accounted as 2*($1.5+$200.25)=$13. The 75% of it should be held, so held amount would be $9.75
If the SNO doesn’t like how it’s going and want to exit, they could request the Graceful exit (GE). Since it’s not implemented, it just shutdown (the held amount still not so large). We should repair that amount of data. And we should pay for repair. So, we should pay $10
2 = $20 to repair 2TB of data. But held amount only $9.75
And each next month makes this situation worse. The held amount is not enough to repair the all data if SN abruptly exit the network.
So the Graceful exit is must have feature and not after the 15 months as described in the Storage Sharing Terms and Conditions but much earlier.


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