Graceful Exit Problem

I know this may have been covered elsewhere but would be nice to have a definitive answer. Tried running the latest Python earnings script and say in the Payout Notes - “Graceful Exit”. Is this anything to worry about.

The complete output on my node:

September 2020 (Version: 9.4.0)                                         [snapshot: 2020-09-16 05:49:43Z]
                        TYPE            PRICE                   DISK       BANDWIDTH            PAYOUT
Upload                  Ingress         -not paid-                         140.96 GB
Upload Repair           Ingress         -not paid-                         139.84 GB
Download                Egress          20   USD / TB                      788.14 GB         15.76 USD
Download Repair         Egress          10   USD / TB                      131.67 GB          1.32 USD
Download Audit          Egress          10   USD / TB                        4.07 MB          0.00 USD
Disk Current            Storage         -not paid-           7.20 TB
Disk Average Month      Storage         1.50 USD / TBm       3.55 TBm                         5.32 USD
Disk Usage              Storage         -not paid-           2.56 PBh
Total                                                        3.55 TBm        1.20 TB         22.40 USD
Estimated total by end of month                              6.98 TBm        2.36 TB         44.09 USD

Payout and held amount by satellite:
SATELLITE       JOINED     MONTH HELD%    HELD TOTAL          EARNED            HELD            PAID
us-central-1    2019-04-22    18    0%      0.08 USD      1.1934 USD      0.0000 USD      1.1934 USD
    Status: OK >Audit[0.0% DQ|0.0% Susp] >Up[100.0%]
europe-west-1   2019-05-31    17    0%     11.25 USD      2.4478 USD      0.0000 USD      2.4478 USD
    Status: OK >Audit[0.0% DQ|0.0% Susp] >Up[100.0%]
europe-north-1  2020-04-18     6   50%     12.59 USD      5.1377 USD      2.5689 USD      2.5689 USD
    Status: OK >Audit[0.0% DQ|0.0% Susp] >Up[100.0%]
asia-east-1     2019-06-10    16    0%      0.30 USD      1.1805 USD      0.0000 USD      1.1805 USD
    Status: OK >Audit[0.0% DQ|0.0% Susp] >Up[100.0%]
saltlake        2020-02-11     8   25%     30.41 USD     12.4391 USD      3.1098 USD      9.3293 USD
    Status: OK >Audit[0.0% DQ|0.0% Susp] >Up[100.0%]
stefan-benten   2019-04-22    18    0%     42.59 USD      0.0042 USD      0.0000 USD      0.0042 USD
    Status: WARNING: Uptime low >Audit[0.0% DQ|0.0% Susp] >Up[0.0%]
    HELD AMOUNT RETURNED                  -42.59 USD                                     42.5868 USD
    AFTER RETURN                            0.00 USD      0.0042 USD      0.0000 USD     42.5911 USD
    PAYOUT NOTES: Graceful Exit
TOTAL                                      97.22 USD     22.4027 USD      5.6786 USD     16.7241 USD
    HELD AMOUNT RETURNED                  -42.59 USD                                     42.5868 USD
    AFTER RETURN                           54.63 USD     22.4027 USD      5.6786 USD     59.3109 USD
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The uptime low warning too! The node was down maybe 2 minutes while watchtower updated the node.

You should post this on earnings calculator thread so anyone else facing the same question can get answer right away.

Noted. I will. It may just be temporary.

This is because the held amount for the Stefan Benten satelliet was paid out in order to decommission it. This information was sent out to nodes as a graceful exit.

This payout was already included in the payouts for August, even though the satellite reports it as a september payout. So keep in mind that it won’t be included again in September’s payouts round.

Understood. So it will will not be included next month as your blog stated?

Correct, it was already included in the last payout.

It’s a little confusing that it was paid in one month, but reported in another. Not much I can do about that from my end. That’s just how Storj decided to do it. The earnings calculator just reports it as the satellite reported it to the node.