Gracefull exit successfully - now Goodbye!

thx about that… but that it. no more crypto sh!t… for 5 years. what spended time on crypto finally finished. no more…
it’s just of waste of time, money and nerves.


I get that it’s not for everyone. I’ve dabbled in mining, but that really didn’t work for me with high energy costs. I like that Storj is a little different in that you’re actually providing a service instead of just wasting cycles on intentionally complex computations. It certainly makes it a possibility to be profitable for more people. And it works for me. It’s always unfortunate to see someone go, but I’ve welcomed some of your data on my nodes and I’ll treat it well.


from me… peaople got 8tb data … :slight_smile:


Thinking about a gracefull exit too, payments are too low I’m afraid since it only covers electric bills even though I share 10TB+. Why degrade my own hardware and not get payed for it?

I will give it one more month and we will see, but if I still get around $10-20 then I’m out too…


Me too seeing that it only covers my electricity. I also think of leaving. after more than a year and 4 nodes I have the impression that working only for storj without gaining anything. no to the wear and tear of my material for free.


I’m a little surprised by the earnings listed here. My node with 11.7TB used space is making about $40 a month. It takes a while to get up to that level of income. Make sure you actually give it enough time to start using the space and exit the held amount time frame.

To get an indication of what you might earn you can use the more realistic earnings estimator I posted here:

If you want to know the held back percentage applied you can check the web dashboard or use the earnings calculator posted here, which will also show vetting process which could be relevant for payout amounts as well.

If it still doesn’t work out for you, that’s fine. But it would be sad if you give up on it before it even had the chance to be profitable.


Hmmm my 10TiB only $20… so it was, I deleted it.

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Hm, +1 node killed :poop:

yeah… to low earnings… im just killing my hardware… hdd… that why… better quit this… and try sell nas and hdd… and hope. i can got 0 lose.

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Being there on about to kill the server.

I have 2 “real” servers with virtual machines running for my work as software testing (security) so I can say that the energy is already paid for that side. But yes, I put a lot of hours on this, If I convert the hours that I work on the node to my hours payment at the company, not 10 years of storj will pay that hahaha. But I learned stuff and was like a hobby.

This probably works for people in countries where the U$ exchange has more value. I have a friend running an storj in Argentina and 20 U$ a month pays like 2 dinners of 2 at a aceptable restaurante.

I dont know. I just added another disk to my raid. its 12 TB node now. Will see how it goes.

Electricity in argentina is actually extremely expensive and most computer hardware is also highly taxed.

They do have cheap steak though hah.

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It kinda cracks me up when I see people complaining about power usage when running nodes and its only covering the cost of power. Yes if your running this on your desktop its going to use alot of power especially if your running with a high end hardware.
If your not trying to run a node the most efficient way possible if you running a stand alone node where you gut all unnecessary hardware that are needed to run you would easily cover power costs for said nodes.
1 hard drive for 1 node doesnt use much power at all and if its idle it uses even less power. You can run a node on a PI3 or a PI4 and your power usage would be around 20watts or less.
That said running a graceful exit for the reason its not covering power cost really isnt a good reason to want to run one.
You could run a node for less money then running a light bulb.


that actually right, but in part.

Pi3 (5w +/-) plus a HDD (20w)
is 18 kWh/Month. At high price of energy of 0.12 (12cents) is 3.6 U$ a month.

This calculated at 100% cpu sage and drive working all the time (well it does work all the time with storj). Thats running just 1 Disk, most people will use several old disks (hardware recycle). that number can easy go pass 10 U$ a month. Not counting hardware costs (ok ok , I know that phrase that is intended to reuse old hardware bla bla). But you are using life hours of the disks, and eventually you will need to replace or upgrade disks.

In any case. at 10 U$ month you are “working” for free or loosing money depending on how many disks you are using.

The point in all of this, is to take this as a hobby, like when you are mining with a USB dongle. And helping a great community too. You are not going to get rich doing this.


Yes electricity when up (subventions from the state were took away).

But I know a lot of people that are running this nodes and even miners at the office or racks at government institutions :smiley: were the electricity is free and they even use their hardware hahah

Most 3.5" drives will never go above 8W under heavy load. Let’s say pi consumes the same amount, it’ll be 11.52kwh/month and $1.38 in electricity.


I ran 20+ nodes at home, in Bad month it cover my apartmet electricity + internet payment, in good months i can buy more HDD. Today it is around 79 TB almost 60 tb is full. so it only 90$-held ammount only for space. I use big PC with 5-6 HDD per PC. As processor is low use and video card have no use consumtion abou 80-90W per PC. and whole apartment electricity buill is 35-40 eur/month. So I am very happy with that.


20+ nodes, more 100tib used, some thousands dollars earned. All earned on surges, last months no profit i think.


I also invest 100 TB+ for storj, good earning was only for very old storage nodes until January 2020, everything after this date is earned like nothing (lets calculate only HDD’s, electricity and Internet).
The previous month was the worst and not cover at least electricity…


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It’s always sad to see someone go but “the little voice that makes me do bad things” says it’s more storage for my nodes… they desperately need filling up! :grin:

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