Harddrive failed, should I bother starting over?

I have a 2TB node using an external USB drive and the drive failed (under warranty). I read about this in the forums, not feasible to rebuild the drive from other nodes, etc. Can’t read the drive so no graceful exit possible.

Prior to this, I was getting some timeouts and reading other posts it was looking that using a USB drive was no longer fast enough, so even though I’ll get another drive, should I bother becoming a small-fry node again?


If you can open the external case without losing the warranty, you could try to connect it directly to a SATA controller, If it can read the hard disk, you could use it like that or copy it to another hard disk.

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yeah a drive may seem dead, but doesn’t have to be… depending on whats wrong… generally a hdd makes either semi loud tics or pings sounds then its usually very bad… very distinct from their usual rumbling ish sounds, else the drive may not spin…

but you can have a power supply thats done… or a bad wire… like donald said… its possible that connecting it via SATA will show the drive is fine…ofc we cannot recommend you to void your warranty
but we would take the chance also most or some external drives can be taken apart without breaking anything… some don’t even have a warranty void if broken tape.

ofc some of the are basically cast in plastic… most likely for the same reason, and because its from a suspect corporation then… xD

good luck whatever you do… anything that isn’t loud crunchy weird sounds… can usually be recovered from with a bit of bravery and care… heh i saw this awesome trick to cut the little fuse on the controller board of a hdd, it would be broken if overloaded… and stop the disk from working… but it could be by passed just by breaking the connection…

only works on drives that doesn’t spin tho… if its a psu overloaded the hdd controller issue.

It’s definitely bad, it was ping’ing and resetting constantly and caused the node to reboot spontaneously. I was able to get my config.yaml off of it but that’s about it. I generated an RMA, and removing the case is definitely verboten.

Just wondering if it’s worth the stress of using all consumer grade stuff just to get some cyber play money.

This is not necessarily true. I have a 1TB USB HDD that I bought in 2007 or 2008 that just refuses to die so I set up a Storj node on it thinking it would either get me some extra income or finally kill the drive. It filled up in about two weeks and has been running stable for over a month now. I haven’t noticed any operational issues with the node, and this is USB2.

I don’t see any reason why recent USB3 drives should not work to run Storj nodes on, unless there is some other issue with the drive which may not even be related to it being a USB/external drive.

try letting it rest a bit, then use something like an ftp or other limit to see if you can slowly migrate the data out of it… also it’s possible that something thats worn or went a bit out of alignment… turn it off and slap it and rattle it around a bit, see if that is enough to stabilize it temporarily…
tho in my experience, its most often fast transfer speeds that overload bad drives to finally give out…
but they tend to often be willing to give up the data if its going kinda slow…

its a long shot, but i’ve successfully retrieved data this way a few times…
else it’s 2 tb my node is 9 weeks now, and its up to 7TB so yeah i would just start over if all else fails.