Have I lost reliability at the node or am I penalized?

Good afternoon, according to the data, do you think I have lost reliability? I have been operating for approximately 11-13 days and I believe that I have had the node inoperative for more than 5 hours for X reasons.

  • Do you think the data to take 11-13 days is optimal or is it better to start from 0 Thank you.
    I have 400Mb / 400Mb internet i3 6100 8GB ram ddr4 i 5.2TB on node

Did you check how many audits your node has passed ?
Use earnings calculator to see your audit score or you can use audit script.

Your node needs to pass 100 audits to be fully vetted on each satellite. This is 100 audits PER satellite. Till you get fully vetted you will get 5% of the traffic so what you see is totally normal.

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Down time doesn’t really hurt your node atm, except for missed income. Just keep it running and try to prevent down time in the future.

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The drop in bandwidth usage is due to the whole network being a lot quieter in recent days. I think everyone has seen that and I suspect nothing to be alarmed about.
13 days is still a very new node, so just leave it running and forget about it (easier said than done, I know!)


same here… the bandwidth match pretty darn good

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How long has your node been active?

4 going on 5 months
with next to no real major disruptions, a ton of brief dt’s while testing and a few major ones for configurations and major changes to the hardware as i got more in tune with what i felt i needed.

got just about 10 tb stored atm, tho did have quite a lot of deletions lately up to like 200-400gb worth i think…but still in garbage or trash or where ever that stuff goes :smiley:

hopefully we will see some proper ingress soon… it’s been very dead the last two months imo…
was kinda getting excited to see all the data i got at first… but seems like there was a limit to that… its had access to more space than it needed and is on 400/400mbit fiber… on a proper server…

so close to optimum conditions…