Have manual update process been changed?

I have two nodes. One has allready been automatically updated to version 1.60.3, other stays on 1.59.1.
I run “docker pull storjlabs/storagenode” to pull latest image of node, removed the docker container of second node (with old version) and added it again, as is stated in manual.
Second node stays on older version, but docker says (“docker ps”) the image of second node is latest.
Did anything change regarding manual update process?

there is no longer any ability to affect the version of nodes, the version you get is controlled by storjlab.

however if it does get stuck, the manual updating process would make it attempt to update.

in theory there is still a manual update, but you don’t update the node, you update the software that controls and downloads the node.


Hi Mihalko,

As I understand it, updates tend to be staggered so not every node is updating at the same time. There are also situations where a specific platform won’t get an update right away due to variances, although this is uncommon.

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